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Visual Tank Inspections
Eddy Current Examinations


Developed by a leader in state-of-the-art non-destructive technology, Visual Plus uses eddy currents to thoroughly inspect the threaded neck region of aluminum cylinders. As the electrical current flows through the metal, Visual Plus measures tiny fluctuations in the electrical current and can detect the smallest imperfections.

So by using Visual Plus, we are able to detect cylinder flaws that other inspectors, who rely only on the naked eye, might miss or wrongly diagnose. In this way, we provide our valued customers with superior inspections.



Anyone working around aluminum high-pressure gas cylinders knows how reliable they are. In fact, they are so dependable that we often forget they need to be treated with care and respect. Proper maintenance is necessary to make sure cylinders are fit for service, especially when they undergo harsh service, such as scuba diving and firefighting.

Professionally competent visual inspections are the key element in the proper maintenance of gas cylinders, and the inspection of cylinder neck threads is an important part of the process. Yet even the best trained and most experienced technician can miss or wrongly diagnose small imperfections, such as hairline cracks or tool-stop marks.

That’s why we use Visual Eddy Current examinations.


As a quick reminder to all our customers, Transport Canada is requiring, by law, that all aluminum cylinders prior to 1990 have a valid eddy current examination. Any cylinders we visually inspect (regardless of year) do undergo visual eddy examinations, as part of both our safety and yours.

Cylinders prior to 1990, who do not have a valid eddy current examination, will not be filled.

Also note, that some post 1990 cylinders entering our shop do not have a valid Transport Canada stamp (TC). These cylinders are illegal to fill in Canada, so please be sure if you are purchasing used or new gear from any source, that they are certified for use in this country.


Repair / Service Rates   * Labour Shop Rate $55.00/hour


Complete Regulator service (1st and 2nd stage) (plus cost of Factory service kits)

Octopus Service (plus cost of Factory service kits)



Tank Visual Inspection with Eddy Current test where applicable  (Includes Fill) $30.00
Hydrostatic Test (Includes VIP & Fill) $50.00
Oxygen Cleaning (Includes VIP, O-rings, Air Fill — Oxygen extra for fill) $50.00
Tank Valve Service plus parts $15.00
BCD Test $25.00
 Dry Suit Leak Testing   $55.00