OPEN: Tuesday - Friday 10am - 530pm & Open by Appointment on Saturdays

OPEN: Tuesday - Friday 10am - 530pm & Open by Appointment on Saturdays

  • Lake Joseph — The Wall & The Grotto

Lake Joseph — The Wall & The Grotto

Because our boat has such a long trip to get to these sights, for dates and times, please contact the store as we are only doing a couple of these charters each year.

These spectacular dives are a must do!

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Availability: Contact us for booking information

Dive 1:

The Wall is a spectacular dive with one end of it bottoming out at 120' (for the advanced recreational divers) and the other end extending to a depth of 285' (for the mixed gas divers). Since the discovery of this dive in 1995 there have been many advanced and technical divers enjoying its splendor and challenge.

The entry point for the recreational divers is a ‘v’ cut in the wall on the east side of the lake. When divers enter at this point the maximum depth is 120'. As you follow the wall there are many overhangs and as you look up there is a river of bubbles running to the surface.

The entry point for the trimix or technical divers is at our preset float that takes you directly to 180 feet, at which point, divers then follow the wall to their choice of depth or the maximum 285'.




Dive 2:

The Grotto is a cavern type dive with some swim throughs, through and around large glacial boulders and rocks. The maximum depth is 55 feet.

Come and board our custom built 32' charter boat. Specially designed to accommodate scuba divers, the pontoon boat holds 10 people comfortably. The entire charter lasts approximately 3½ hours. Boarding takes place 15 minutes before departure at the dock at the end of “Gordon Point Road”. Lights and a wet or dry suit are a necessity for both dives. Visibility is from 30 – 50 feet.

Dates and times are booked on a first come basis, therefore those who book the earliest will get the best choice.

(Two tank dive, diver must bring 2 tanks for the boat)


  •     Full Boat Charter (Private): $999.99
  •     Single Diver Fee: $149.70. Team Members price coming soon
  •     Maximum of 10 persons allowed on boat
  •     non-refundable deposit required is $149.70 per charter
  •     Visa, MasterCard, Cheque or Money Order Accepted



With 61 or more days’ notice of cancelation, 100% is refundable.

With 31 to 60 days’ notice of cancellation 50% is refundable.

With 30 days or less notice, purchase of charter is nonrefundable.

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